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We LOVE our moms.

Our moms are simply the best, and on Mother's Day we couldn't help but gush about them just a little bit! Quite possibly our biggest assets behind the scenes at Nixi Lauroo, they pull off our most extreme requests in record time, all without breaking a sweat. In honor of Mother's Day, we'd like to tell you a little about them.

 • • •


 Kate & her Mom, Deb

Deborah Seavey is mom to our founder Kate, and her siblings Kristen, Teddy, and Michael, and also wife to Ted. Deb left her teaching career to raise four children, with her husband working (very!) long & hard hours as a golf professional. She never failed to make every day a special one, and always had arts & crafts, rainy-day projects, and imaginative games ready to go, as if by magic. Deb passed on her talents & love for sewing, along with all things creative to Kate, who always remembers the Broadway skill-level Halloween costumes she could turn out!

Deb was a Dance Mom, a Boy Scout Mom, a PTA Mom, a Band Mom, a Chaperone Mom, a Christmas Village Mom, a Drama Club Scenery-Building Mom...and now she is our Chief Nixi Mom, and a Super-Grammy to-boot! Her family continues to be amazed with all that she can accomplish, and the fact that she always has more love, help, and time to give--even when it seems impossibly so.

A natural and wonderful leader, Deb is Kate's right-hand Mom in the studio, sacrificing all of her free time to help with every last detail of creation when it comes to our handmade products. We literally don't know what we would do without her.

 • • •


Pictured: Andi's Noni (Clara), Andi, and Sharon

Sharon Smith is mom to our Co-Founder Andi and her brother Christopher, and is married to Dale. As a military spouse, Sharon took on challenges without a flinch, and viewed everything with a sense of adventure. Being away from family when you have small children means you have to do a lot of things yourself, which Sharon did constantly and happily. Sharon is one of the strongest (literally and figuratively) and most independent women we know. 

Today, in between working, helping Dale run a family summer cottage business, and cutting fabric for Nixi Lauroo, Sharon plays number-one Noni to her grandchildren, Marley and Bode. As one of Andi's best friends, they talk nearly every day, and always have a plan about what their next adventure will be.  Without a doubt, family always comes first for Sharon.

She did it all, and she still does. Now that her children are grown, she still never refuses a request. From organizing unruly basements, to treating her grandchildren to breakfast, to marathon Nixi Lauroo production nights, Sharon gives her time, energy, and love. And we love her for the moon and back.


Our moms are nothing short of incredible and we are so thankful for them each and every day. We are so excited to feature them and share with all of you how much they do for us. 

Thanks for tuning in to our blog! There is more to come, so stay tuned by signing up for our email list here!

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