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Nixi Lauroo is one of Baby List's Shop Small Picks for 2016!

It has been SO hard to keep this a secret until now...but we can finally announce our big news!!

Drum roll please...
Nixi Lauroo was selected as one of Baby List's Shop Small picks of 2016!! We are delighted to partner with them, and are so honored they chose us. This is pretty huge for a little-bitty, brand new company like us, so we're a wee bit excited! 🎉

If you haven't heard of Baby List, well...they're an amazing registry service that allows and encourages you to register for picks & gifts for baby from ANY store you want, all across the infinite world wide web--from small businesses, to Etsy shops, to home cooked meals! It's pretty genius, honestly. Not everything you need/want comes from one store, and the folks at Baby List have recognized that and given pregnant women everywhere an awesome solution to limited registry options.

This is good news for you means savings! There will be a 20% coupon code going out this summer that you can use to save on our ENTIRE collection! The code will be included in their newsletter, so sign up for their mailing list on their website now!


There's a registry link right on our homepage to get signed up with them, or you can click here to get started building your own custom baby registry with Baby List.

So there's our BIG NEWS! We're stoked. 😁🎉💕 Thank you Baby List for this awesome opportunity.



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