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Campfire Play Set; Lumberjack || MADE TO ORDER

$ 198.00

Just in time for the holidays comes a festive, woodland themed take on our beloved campfire. Buffalo plaid accents make this hot rendition (ha!) perfectly adaptable to your grown-up holiday decor, and will also compliment any rustic nursery decor year round. (We also heard this is Santa's new favorite!)

Camp out in the family room, toast marshmallows in the den, or enjoy story time...fireside! Sturdy and built to last and grow with your child's interests, this charming set starts as a photo prop, is beautiful as room decor, and evolves into a play set as your child grows older. Play set encourages social interaction & sharing, and will spark curiosity with a little science lesson in magnetism.

Choose your fire build: (the physical size of the fire does not change) the number of accessories determines set size & price.

The Standard Size Campfire Play Set includes:

1 large, 3-D, weighted plush fire in white +  plaid fleece (about 16" x16" x16")

  • 4 faux-stone bean bags (sizes vary from 6"- 8")
1 flexible, black magnetic toasting twig (about 11.5" x 3/4")

  • 1 magnetic marshmallow puff (2" round)

  • 1 stuffed log bolster pillow in white birch (14" long x 4" diameter)

The Deluxe Size set includes double the fire accessories:

(8 stones, 2 twigs, 2 ‘mallows, 2 logs. )

 *Intended for play for children ages 3 & up. Spot Clean.

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