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About Us

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Nixi Lauroo began on a slightly different path over a decade ago as a handmade line of women's clothing and accessories. After nearly 11 years of evolution and a hiatus, followed by some life changing revelations that motherhood brings... the label was re-imagined and reborn as a darling children's line, now known as Nixi Lauroo. Having found a niche in the nursery rather than on the runway, Nixi Lauroo officially launched in the Fall of 2015, featuring a carefully designed collection of baby essentials, chic room decor, imaginative play sets, unique gifts, and fashion forward mini-apparel.

 Nixi Lauroo is proud to offer chic and sophisticated pieces tailored for baby's everyday use and mom's grown-up taste. We pride ourselves in thoughtful design and amazing quality.

Based out of scenic New Hampshire, everything you see in this collection has been dreamt up, designed, developed, cut, sewn and brought to life by the hands of our founder Kate, with the help & support from her own amazing mom & a few magical sewing elves.
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What does "Nixi Lauroo" mean, you ask?
In short . . .
"A Collection of Magical Things"


Meet Kate:
Founder, Creative Director, in-house Fashion Designer, and mom to a delightfully sweet & active little boy--Kate designs & sews everything you see in the collection.

With a degree in Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design from URI, Kate has been de
signing and sewing for over 20 years.

has an extensive background in clothing construction, pattern making, draping, tailoring, women's-ready-to-wear, and graphic design; she brings her love of couture and runway fashion into the nursery.